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Vayda’s Classic Minnie 2nd Birthday Party

When Vayda’s second birthday was approaching I knew I wanted to come up with a really fun and cute theme! Marlee had a Minnie Mouse birthday party for her second birthday and Vayda loves Minnie Mouse just the same! To make Vayda’s party stand out from Marlee’s, I went with the Classic Minnie Mouse theme instead of the current popular pink Minnie Mouse from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Continue reading to learn all of the details!

Vayda's Classic Minnie Birthday |

With my simple, classic style, I LOVED the idea of clean black, white and red decorations! Like I mentioned when I spoke about Chase’s Camping Birthday, we don’t do huge parties but I like to have a little fun with the theme. This time was no different!

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Celebration! All About Chase’s Camping Themed Birthday Party!

Last weekend we celebrated Chase’s birthday! My youngest son turned 7 and we had a celebration with family and friends. All of our birthday parties are small and nothing extravagant but I like to add a fun theme for them and decorate a little from that!

Chase's 7th Camping Themed Birthday |

The rule in our family has gone, starting on your seventh birthday, you get to invite school friends! (Don’t ask why seven…that was the first year Marlee had friends and we just kind of stuck to that!) Chase was so excited! He ended up having two of his best friends join in the fun and they had a blast!

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My Family Introductions: Chase Eugene

I am in some serious denial today. My baby boy is turning seven tomorrow. I have yet to find a way to bottle them up. To freeze time. As I prepare this post I am looking at all of his old pictures and all of his warm soft squishiness comes rushing back. Those deep blue eyes, that bright blonde hair and that sweet smile. At the same time, my mother’s heart is torn as I watch my baby grow into such a young, spirited boy. With his birthday tomorrow, I wanted to share with you and document our youngest son, Chase Eugene. Trust me, he is worth getting to know!

Family Introduction: Chase Eugene |

Chase was born four days late, in typical Fiely child style, on March 24, 2010. For some reason, Erik and I were sure we were having another girl. After Marlee & Milo, it seemed my pregnancy mirrored that of Marlee’s. Even until the end, we had settled on a girl’s name and just had the mind set. Two weeks before he was due, we came across the name Chase and decided that would be the name for a boy, but we figured we wouldn’t need it. Continue Reading


Walk MS: Multiple Sclerosis Affects Me & Countless Others

Many of you may not know much about Multiple Sclerosis. Some of you may have heard of it and not really understand it. And some of you may know it all too well because either you or someone you know suffers from the disease. MS is a neurological disease. One that affects millions of people and one that, for me, hits close to home.

2017 Walk MS |


I am one of those millions of people whom it affects. I don’t personally have MS, but one of the greatest woman in the world does. The person who raised me, who taught me to walk and ride a bike. Who showed me how to bake cookies and how to keep a clean house. My mom. My mother was diagnosed with this stupid disease years ago. And along with her, I am fighting to find a cure!

Multiple Sclerosis: n. a chronic, typically progressive disease involving damage to the sheaths of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, whose symptoms may include numbness, impairment of speech and of muscular coordination, blurred vision, and severe fatigue.

There is so much unknown about MS. There is no cure but over the years, with donations and research, they have found ways of treating the symptoms. One thing working against all of these doctors and researchers is that each case is unique, not one of them the same. A perfect example, my uncle and godfather and my mom’s brother, was diagnosed with MS at a younger age than her and died at a young age, with young kids, do to complications from the disease. Even though they cannot link MS to be hereditary in any way, my mother found herself diagnosed years later but with somewhat different symptoms. Her’s doesn’t seem to be quite as severe and she has actually been in remission. She was diagnosed at a later age, much later than most ever are, and has been controlling her symptoms pretty successfully so far…although there are days.

Each year we have made it a tradition to join other families and our community and walk in our local MS walk. I love the feeling of community and support that this walk brings! We rally together and all do our best to raise money to fund research and to fight to find a cure!

I invite all of you to please take a moment, do some research, become aware, get involved and maybe most importantly, DONATE. Donate to help find a cure. Donate to the countless hours of research. Donate for my mom. Donate for my late uncle and the children he left behind. Donate for my friend. Your friend. Your neighbor. Anyone and everyone.

Please also pray. Pray for the sufferers. Pray for their families and friends. Pray for the doctors and researchers. Pray to end the suffering and pray for a cure!

You will find a link here to donate. Anything and everything is appreciated. God bless!

Holidays & Parties, Motherhood & Parenting

7 Great Lent Ideas for Kids

The Lent season is fast approaching and if your family celebrates Lent like ours, you are probably trying to think of ideas of things you could sacrifice. It is especially challenging to come up with good ideas for the kids to give up! I took some time and put together a great list of Lenten ideas and sacrifices for kids!

Even if you don’t celebrate Lent, these ideas are a great conversation starter to have with your kids. You could work together and learn more about gratitude and sacrifice in everyday life. Below is a list of 7 different ideas your children could consider!

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Updates! Dental Work, Home & Blog Updates & More!

It has been a busy couple of weeks! Sometimes everything can go by so fast and its all a blur! As I sit here tonight alone, Erik is gone and the kids are all in bed, I am running a recap of the last week in my mind. Before I know it another weekend will be in the books and the little moments will be forgotten! Here is a quick recap of some of the moments of the last week!

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Appraisal Prep: The Kids’ Rooms Get Fresh Paint!

Man alive this was another busy weekend! We have been busting our butts getting ready for this home appraisal and this weekend was no different! My weekends have been one big blur lately. The kids’ rooms have been easily neglected because they are upstairs and people rarely see them. We keep them clean and organized but they are a mish mash of unmatched bedding, hand-me-down furniture and worn out paint. To get the best results from our appraisal, it was important to finish up a few eyesores and give them a fresh coat of paint!

Appraisal Prep |

The kids were super excited by this (which made me a little guilty for not taking the time to make it more ‘their’ space!) but they had no idea the work that it would take! We did Marlee’s room first. Both bedrooms have paneling on the walls (with slats and plaster behind, which is why they are still paneling!) but Marlee’s paneling has this wallpaper type covering. That was peeling off on two of her walls so it needed fixed. After scraping, sanding and priming, she got a pretty coat of light purple! Her walls were still painted the nursery colors! (Yes, she is almost 10…no judgement!) Her room is more her own space now and she loves it! Here are some before (or during) and after pictures!

Before & After Marlee's Room |

This weekend I tackled the boys’ room. They have paneling on the walls too but its just typical paneling so it was ready for paint. The ‘fix’ in their room is the chimney ran up through it. We had that taken out and duct work ran up and we never finished covering it up with paneling so we finished that up! For them, I chose a really light gray to lighten and brighten up the space! After vacuuming up about a million Legos (because I am super OCD and have to deep clean while the furniture is moved, oh and #boymom), we put everything back in order and the boys are loving it! Here are some before (during) and after pictures!

Before & After Boy's Room |

Obviously these two rooms need totally redone and they are for sure on the list. Drywall, better closets, new carpet, etc. but with other, more used rooms needing done, they are low on the list. Our home is a work in progress! I really love that we are making it our own though. And hopefully our hard work these past few weeks will pay off with a great appraisal and a BIG addition this spring!

Do any of you live in a fixer upper?! If so I would love to hear all about it!


Our Newest Home Renovation: A Garage Addition!

Things have been crazy around here lately! But who am I kidding…things are always crazy! Well, they have been a little crazier than normal because we have officially started planning our next BIG home renovation. A garage addition! And you know, since it is a garage, the ‘man’s’ thing, it has to be the biggest and best!

Home Renovation |

I will admit that I am excited for it too. We have never had a garage…or a useful one anyways. The house we bought had a very small, one car garage that isn’t attached. I am not even sure a normal vehicle would fit in it! We use it for storage and that’s about it. We do have a carport attached to our covered porch and it’s nice to atleast have that to park under! It’s a life saver in the rain or when it is icy. Unfortunately, it’s only big enough for one vehicle so Erik has to park on the street. This will be a big step up because it will be ATTACHED!!

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A Beautiful Mess: Motherhood & Getting Closer to God

Motherhood is a combination of love and messiness. That is the perfect title for my blog because that is what my day to day life entails. Being a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me and with each child, my heart has grown even bigger. With that being said, that doesn’t mean its always the best thing. In fact, there are many days where I feel like everything is going wrong and I have no idea what I am doing. Lately I have learned that on days like this, the best place to turn is upward!

A Beautiful Mess Bible Study |

One of my goals for 2017 (along with being more organized, among a million other things!) is to actively become closer to God. I have turned more toward faith these lasts few years but I want to really become more active in it. Read the Bible, attend church more regularly, pray more with my husband. Those kind of things. One day I opened Facebook and there it was! The perfect opportunity! Some local girls were putting on a bible study. Normally I wouldn’t have thought twice but something called me to it and on a whim, I signed up!

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Happy New Year : A Wrap Up of 2016 & A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! I am back! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten behind the keyboard! The last few weeks were just as crazy as everyone else’s…all of the Christmas things happening! But it is 2017 now! Christmas is a magical haze and we are on to bigger better things, and better yet, back to routine! To start the year off fresh, I wanted fill you all in on our last few weeks and how I want to start off the new year!

Happy New Year |

Christmas was nothing less than magical. Celebrating the holidays with children makes everything that much better! I wrote previously about how we limit our Christmas gifts and this year was no different. I always have last minute hesitations though…because I hear what others are giving and I get nervous they will be disappointed! But they were no where near disappointed. They loved everything they received and never questioned anything! They were so grateful and happy…and that is all I ever wanted!

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