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38 Weeks: What I Will Miss Most

My pregnancy with baby #5 has flown by! I can’t believe we are just a few short weeks away from meeting our newest little family member! I am so full of anticipation and excitement…the entire family is! Is it a boy? A girl? What does he or she look like? As I am counting down the days until we meet this sweet babe, I can’t help but feel a bit sad that this pregnancy is almost over.

Yes, you read that right! Even at 38 weeks and all of the third trimester symptoms at their greatest, I am going to miss so many things about this precious time! With all of my pregnancies, I have never taken for granted what an amazing miracle it is!

I will say, I am blessed with pretty uneventful and uncomplicated pregnancies. That helps with a positive attitude for sure! But the miracle of it all and all of the sweet amazing moments are unforgettable!

Some of the things I am going to miss the most are:

-Feeling the baby move: I think this is probably everyone’s favorite part! All day long, a constant little reminder of the sweet baby growing inside you! (Granted, I can live without the swift kicks to the ribs or the punches to the bladder!)

-Hiccups: The baby’s hiccups are the funniest things!

-The bump: While my belly is to the point even my maternity shirts barely cover it, I love having this safe haven for our new baby. Not to mention it comes in handy as an arm rest or a table top!

-The kids experience: Especially now that we have older ones, I love watching the kids fall in love with this baby before they even meet it! Even little Vayda is always thinking about the baby. As soon as we knew we were expecting, we were officially a family of seven!

-The looks and comments: I have always carried all my babies right out front…the classic basketball belly…and it gets lots of looks and comments! Most of the time it makes me laugh when people just look at my belly in wonder! Kind of like ‘Is she going to just fall frontwards?!’ LOL

-The bond: There is an indescribable bond between a mother and her unborn baby. As a nursing mom, that bond continues after birth but it is slightly different. Its amazing how a woman’s body provides everything for this little baby! I know when they are sleeping and awake. I know what soothes them and what makes them squirm around. I love it!

I have always loved being pregnant (for the most part…we all know there are times in even the best pregnancy where you just want it over with!) and perhaps that is why we have a big family. But even more than that, I love these sweet little people we have created. I love to watch them grow up together, to bond, to be a team. A tribe. Our tribe. I am blessed beyond words!

So I will do my best in these sore, groggy, crazy last couple of weeks to enjoy every sweet moment left. And then I get to share my miracle with the world!

Is there anyone else out there crazy like me and actually enjoys being pregnant?!

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