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7 Great Lent Ideas for Kids

The Lent season is fast approaching and if your family celebrates Lent like ours, you are probably trying to think of ideas of things you could sacrifice. It is especially challenging to come up with good ideas for the kids to give up! I took some time and put together a great list of Lenten ideas and sacrifices for kids!

Even if you don’t celebrate Lent, these ideas are a great conversation starter to have with your kids. You could work together and learn more about gratitude and sacrifice in everyday life. Below is a list of 7 different ideas your children could consider!

7 Great Lent Ideas for Kids | Love &

Be Kind

Encourage them to leave a nice note for someone at school or in a library book, offer to do a someone’s chore or volunteer at school or at home. You could get them out of their comfort zone even more and encourage them to play with someone new at recess once a week or sit with someone new at lunch.

Pray More

Help them to memorize a new prayer and/or bible verse, read the bible together each night, create a prayer list with them or even pray the rosary.

Think of Others

Help them go through their closets and donate clothes that don’t fit or they don’t wear (this is a great time of year as the seasons change!) Or have them slim down their toys and take them to a local charity. They could even help out grandparents with small chores or make cookies for the neighbors.

Show Your Love

Help the kids write a letter to a family member or godparents. They will love putting together the letter and taking it to the post office! Have a family hug time! Have them list a trait they like about each of their siblings. Snuggle more!


We all know kids love their video games, electronic devices, and other toys. Ask them to limit them or give them up all the time. Giving up their bedtime snack or their favorite sugary cereal would also be great sacrifices for them. No candy until Easter would make the Easter Bunny’s visit extra special for them!

Best Behavior

Ask them to stop complaining. No more whining or begging. No pouting.

Creative Habits

Talk to them about reading more books or playing a math game each night. They could draw a new picture every day or color in a coloring book. Spark their imagination and ask them to write and illustrate new stories or to put on a play!

My goal during this season and any season in life is to help my kids to understand sacrifice and gratitude. These ideas are a great place to start! Do you have any Lenten traditions or any other tips on teaching gratitude? If so, please share!

7 Great Lent Ideas for Kids | Love &

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