Hi! I’m Kristy and I am the author behind LoveAndMessiness.com. I am married to the love of my life, Erik and we have four amazing children, Marlee, Milo, Chase and Vayda. I am a full time, working mom and this blog sums up life as a wife and mother…lots of love and messiness!

Love & Messiness

Love seems simple. I love my husband, he loves me and we love our kids. But as a mother, you know it is so much more than that! It is the love our children have for us. The love they have for each other. The love they have for life. The love you feel bursting from your seems when you hug your babies or when you watch your husband teaching your son to play baseball or when you get those sneak peeks when they aren’t watching and you see your children showing their love for each other. All encompassing love.

Then there is the messiness. Life is messy, love is messy and most of all kids are messy! The house is a mess all of the time, a sort of permanent, sticky mess that you cringe at but secretly know you will miss when it’s gone. The kids are a mess, covered in breakfast, lunch and the playground. And of course there are those fair share of moments when mommy is a hot mess!

When I am not cleaning up messes or making them, I love watching the kids in their activities, dates with my husband, embarrassing the kids with goofy dancing and backyard campfires.

Love & Messiness

The Blog

This blog is my way to share my very ordinary and extraordinary life with all of you in hopes that it makes you feel a little bit normal. All of our lives are full of love and messiness! Everyone is different yet we are all the same in some way! I love the thought of someone reading my blog and feeling relief that someone else is feeling the same way or has done the same crazy thing a time or two!

Please connect with me at kristy@loveandmessiness.com.