Appraisal Prep: The Kids’ Rooms Get Fresh Paint!

Man alive this was another busy weekend! We have been busting our butts getting ready for this home appraisal and this weekend was no different! My weekends have been one big blur lately. The kids’ rooms have been easily neglected because they are upstairs and people rarely see them. We keep them clean and organized but they are a mish mash of unmatched bedding, hand-me-down furniture and worn out paint. To get the best results from our appraisal, it was important to finish up a few eyesores and give them a fresh coat of paint!

Appraisal Prep |

The kids were super excited by this (which made me a little guilty for not taking the time to make it more ‘their’ space!) but they had no idea the work that it would take! We did Marlee’s room first. Both bedrooms have paneling on the walls (with slats and plaster behind, which is why they are still paneling!) but Marlee’s paneling has this wallpaper type covering. That was peeling off on two of her walls so it needed fixed. After scraping, sanding and priming, she got a pretty coat of light purple! Her walls were still painted the nursery colors! (Yes, she is almost 10…no judgement!) Her room is more her own space now and she loves it! Here are some before (or during) and after pictures!

Before & After Marlee's Room |

This weekend I tackled the boys’ room. They have paneling on the walls too but its just typical paneling so it was ready for paint. The ‘fix’ in their room is the chimney ran up through it. We had that taken out and duct work ran up and we never finished covering it up with paneling so we finished that up! For them, I chose a really light gray to lighten and brighten up the space! After vacuuming up about a million Legos (because I am super OCD and have to deep clean while the furniture is moved, oh and #boymom), we put everything back in order and the boys are loving it! Here are some before (during) and after pictures!

Before & After Boy's Room |

Obviously these two rooms need totally redone and they are for sure on the list. Drywall, better closets, new carpet, etc. but with other, more used rooms needing done, they are low on the list. Our home is a work in progress! I really love that we are making it our own though. And hopefully our hard work these past few weeks will pay off with a great appraisal and a BIG addition this spring!

Do any of you live in a fixer upper?! If so I would love to hear all about it!

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