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Changing Focus: Becoming a Positive Mom

Have you ever noticed that us moms have a tendency to ‘complain’ about our lives? So many times when I hear moms get asked how they are doing or how their night was. Their answer usually isn’t “Oh, I am doing wonderful!” or ‘We had a great night!” It usually ends up being something like “Oh, you know, I have four kids, how do you think I am doing?” or “Well, I only got 3 hours of sleep so I am exhausted!”. Has anyone ever noticed this? I will say that I am definitely guilty of this as well! It’s hard to be positive!
Changing Focus: Becoming a Positive Mom
I feel like part of motherhood is this unspoken truth between us that we all have crazy lives. We are all doing our best, raising kids, keeping a house, homeschooling, working full time, running a business, whatever it is. We can all relate.

So why do we think we need to focus on the negative when we speak to others?
Maybe we think our lives are so much harder than others. That we have it worse than everyone else. Who has it worse? The mom of a newborn that wakes 2-3 times at night? The mom who ran between 3 soccer games, made supper and did laundry? That mother with 2 toddlers? The mother with a baseball team following her around?
Why do we dwell on the hard parts? The rough patches? After all, this is the life we’ve chosen right? Or rather, the life God has chosen for us? Please don’t get me wrong…it’s hard to see the good sometimes. Especially right in the thick of things! And I am all about dishing to that best friend (lets face it, we all have that one friend who can totally relate to the time you yelled at your kids too much or let them have ice cream for dinner and won’t judge you!). Or calling Mom when it feels like you are doing everything all wrong.  And even locking yourself away for 5 minutes of sanity! Those times with friends or with your Mom or those 5 minutes of silence are the times we need to catch our breath and remember our purpose!
Change Focus
Imagine how bright our world would be if we focused more on the reasons why instead of the reasons why not.
Let’s remember that the sweet baby who woke up twice last night woke up because they needed you, their momma! Don’t over look the stick faces and silly giggles of happiness as they dump out the toy basket five minutes after you spent 10 minutes picking it up!  After all, they are playing, having fun and thriving.
There are so many different seasons in motherhood. Each one is different and each one is beautiful. Let’s spread the joy by sharing the good things! When the next person asks how your night was, ask them how it could have been any less than amazing! My kids are healthy, happy, alive and I get to be their mom!
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