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Saving Space: Minimal Toddler Bedroom

Every time I tell people that my toddler sleeps in our closet I get strange looks. I can’t imagine why? Ha! It is true though! She literally sleeps in the closet right off of our bedroom. Now, to clarify…this is a decent sized walk in closet, our second closet that was unused. (All of our clothes are in our other closet!) But, it is a closet none the less. And it works perfectly!

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DIY Advent Calendar: One of our Favorite Christmas Traditions!

One of my favorite family holiday traditions is our Advent calendar! A couple of years ago I decided that this would be so fun for the kids! After looking around on Pinterest, I put together some ideas and got to it!

DIY Advent Calendar |

The easy part was making the calendar. I went and purchased some material and ribbon. Then I laid it all out and measured and cut all of the pieces and then pinned it the way I wanted it. Next I took it to the expert…aka my Mother in Law…to be sewn together! I sewed on the ribbon tabs and Erik cut down the dowel rod. Finally I finished it with some long red ribbon to hang it. I LOVED how it turned out…but the hard part wasn’t finished.

DIY Advent Calendar |

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Marlee’s Student Council Election

Marlee is so excited to be running for student council! Each class room gets to vote two council members and they get to hang two campaign posters and they have to give a speech before election day. She ran last year but she was pretty nervous and didn’t give it much thought. But this year, she is all excited and was mapping out her poster ideas when she brought the sign up sheet home!

We got her all approved and signed up and then it was poster time! I must say, this is right up my alley! (Hello Pinterest!) It was so fun to browse the internet with her and brainstorm ideas. The very next night we got some supplies and got started!


The first poster we did was the ‘Call Me Maybe’ poster. She was nervous about everything, making straight lines, tracing the stencils right, coloring it…it was hard not to do too much for her! She took a quick shower that night while me and Dad laid out the lines and stencils. By time she got out, I had two lines stenciled so I gave her a pep talk and got her coloring! The finishing touch was her handwriting on the bottom. I told her it would make it more personal!

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Father’s Day Fun!

Father’s day is right around the corner and I am always waiting until the last minute to think of something for a gift! My husband and I never get too crazy with gifts for these holidays. We like to keep it to homemade gifts from the kids. Something that has more love than anything ever bought!

There is no doubt that Erik (in my mind!) is the best dad ever! Everything is about the kids. He is the first one to run out and play that game of catch with them or to take them on bike rides! I love the way the kids look up to him and admire him. He is an amazing role model for them! He shows them how to take care of our family and our community! The kids love their dad so much and I wanted to come up with a fun, easy way they could put their thoughts down!

After some thinking and of course, Pinterest searching, I found a lot of fun little, fill-in-the-blank sheets. I thought this would be a great gift idea and also something great to look back on to see what they were thinking at this age! So with a few free moments one day, I put together a fun page of my own and I wanted to share it with you!

Free Father's Day Printable


Please download this Free Fathers Day Printable and have fun with your kids! Let’s see what exactly they are thinking of daddy in this moment, in this season! I know that I can’t wait to get my little ones to sit down and fill these out just for dad! We will give them to him on his special day next week along with other little thoughtful things, usually including back scratching and yummy treats!

What do you all do with your kids for Father’s Day?!

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