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Vayda’s Classic Minnie 2nd Birthday Party

When Vayda’s second birthday was approaching I knew I wanted to come up with a really fun and cute theme! Marlee had a Minnie Mouse birthday party for her second birthday and Vayda loves Minnie Mouse just the same! To make Vayda’s party stand out from Marlee’s, I went with the Classic Minnie Mouse theme instead of the current popular pink Minnie Mouse from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Continue reading to learn all of the details!

Vayda's Classic Minnie Birthday |

With my simple, classic style, I LOVED the idea of clean black, white and red decorations! Like I mentioned when I spoke about Chase’s Camping Birthday, we don’t do huge parties but I like to have a little fun with the theme. This time was no different!

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Celebration! All About Chase’s Camping Themed Birthday Party!

Last weekend we celebrated Chase’s birthday! My youngest son turned 7 and we had a celebration with family and friends. All of our birthday parties are small and nothing extravagant but I like to add a fun theme for them and decorate a little from that!

Chase's 7th Camping Themed Birthday |

The rule in our family has gone, starting on your seventh birthday, you get to invite school friends! (Don’t ask why seven…that was the first year Marlee had friends and we just kind of stuck to that!) Chase was so excited! He ended up having two of his best friends join in the fun and they had a blast!

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7 Great Lent Ideas for Kids

The Lent season is fast approaching and if your family celebrates Lent like ours, you are probably trying to think of ideas of things you could sacrifice. It is especially challenging to come up with good ideas for the kids to give up! I took some time and put together a great list of Lenten ideas and sacrifices for kids!

Even if you don’t celebrate Lent, these ideas are a great conversation starter to have with your kids. You could work together and learn more about gratitude and sacrifice in everyday life. Below is a list of 7 different ideas your children could consider!

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Happy New Year : A Wrap Up of 2016 & A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! I am back! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten behind the keyboard! The last few weeks were just as crazy as everyone else’s…all of the Christmas things happening! But it is 2017 now! Christmas is a magical haze and we are on to bigger better things, and better yet, back to routine! To start the year off fresh, I wanted fill you all in on our last few weeks and how I want to start off the new year!

Happy New Year |

Christmas was nothing less than magical. Celebrating the holidays with children makes everything that much better! I wrote previously about how we limit our Christmas gifts and this year was no different. I always have last minute hesitations though…because I hear what others are giving and I get nervous they will be disappointed! But they were no where near disappointed. They loved everything they received and never questioned anything! They were so grateful and happy…and that is all I ever wanted!

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DIY Advent Calendar: One of our Favorite Christmas Traditions!

One of my favorite family holiday traditions is our Advent calendar! A couple of years ago I decided that this would be so fun for the kids! After looking around on Pinterest, I put together some ideas and got to it!

DIY Advent Calendar |

The easy part was making the calendar. I went and purchased some material and ribbon. Then I laid it all out and measured and cut all of the pieces and then pinned it the way I wanted it. Next I took it to the expert…aka my Mother in Law…to be sewn together! I sewed on the ribbon tabs and Erik cut down the dowel rod. Finally I finished it with some long red ribbon to hang it. I LOVED how it turned out…but the hard part wasn’t finished.

DIY Advent Calendar |

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Our Christmas Gift Limit & How Why We Changed Our Ways

A few years ago Erik and I seriously downsized Christmas. We never really went overboard but the kids always got plenty of gifts! One night, as we were walking through what was then our toy room, we looked around in awe of all of the toys the kids had! We had two entire closet shelving units on one wall, full wall to ceiling of toys!

We stood there and tried to remember the last time the kids had played with all of them. Some of them we knew they had outgrown and others we hadn’t seen them play with in ages. The next step was obvious…sort and clean!

Our Christmas Gift Limit & Why We Changed Our Ways |

As we were going through all of the toys, I kept feeling guilt. I was worried they would miss them, or that they played with them sometimes. Finally, it got late, and Erik told me to just head on to bed and he would finish. Although a little concerned…haha…I went on ahead anyways.

When I got up the next morning I was mortified! He had literally cleared out over half of the shelves. The top half was empty! I was beside myself! I went to him explaining how upset the kids would be and how would we explain this?! Then, I got an even bigger surprise… Continue Reading

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Milo’s 8th Birthday Party: A Football Theme!

This past weekend we celebrated Milo’s eighth birthday and it was so much fun! Milo decided he wanted a football theme and that was so fun and easy! I had a blast planning and preparing and Milo had a blast playing all night with his friends!

Milo's 8th Birthday Party: A Football Theme

I took Friday afternoon off of work and started prepping! With four busy kids, it’s hard to find time to give the house a good, deep clean so I was so excited to have the house to myself for a few hours to have at it!

Friday night Erik and I took Milo out to dinner (and unfortunately for the birthday boy, to get some groceries!) which is a tradition that we started awhile go. We take each of the kids to dinner by themselves so they get some special time with just Mom & Dad! So Milo got pancakes, we got groceries and then headed home to rest up for a big day Saturday!

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October: A Look Ahead!

How is October here already?! This is by far my favorite month of the year but it is one of our busiest! We have a lot going on and a lot to look forward to! I thought I would share a quick overview of our month ahead!

Calendar of October

This first week of the month is all about preparing! Preparing for parties, preparing for the cooler weather and preparing for fall & Halloween! The girls and I went shopping this past weekend to get everyone some fall clothes. When the weather turned this past week I realized each of the kids had about two pair of pants! We also picked up part of Marlee’s Halloween costume!

Next weekend we hope to catch up around the house and do a little more shopping. Milo’s birthday is October 14th and we are celebrating with family and friends on the 15th. We hope to get out and pick up his gift and some supplies to decorate for his football themed birthday party! It will be so fun! Below is the fun football ticket birthday invite I created for him! (He loved it!)

Boys Football Birthday Invitation

My birthday is coming up as well! A few days before Milo’s. I am going to be turning the big 3-2 and I am pretty sure it makes me feel older to know that Milo will be 8 than me turning 32! How is that even possible?! It as just yesterday that he was toddling around after Marlee right?!

The end of the month marks our 11 year wedding anniversary! We always try to get away for the weekend (this is the one weekend all year we stay away from the kids!) This will be the first time since we had Vayda (I am kind of a baby and didn’t want to leave her last year when she was just six month old!) More details on our plans later! (When we actually make them…hehe)

That is just a quick wrap up of our month. Of course, mixed in there is homework, cheer, council meetings, football games, hopefully a trip to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, Halloween & Trick or Treat, a few other parties and (gulp) preparing for the holidays!

Wish me luck! I will be sharing all the details of the month as they come along! Happy Fall!

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2016 Fort Recovery Jubilee Weekend

To say this past week was fun is an understatement! This past week was a total blast! Our small, historical town had much reason to celebrate this week. This year is our 225th anniversary! 225 years our little village has been on the map! We also had our 2016 Jubilee celebration that lasted all weekend. So fun!

Jubilee Fun 3

The festivities started last Sunday with an opening ceremony and the first showing of our town drama. This is a play telling the history of Fort Recovery. This play is entirely put on by the townspeople! It is miraculous the amount of time and resources that were put into making this show happen. The rich history of the village was on full display, starting from when the Indians lived on the land and battled the US Military. The forts the military built still stand in town today! The second half of the drama zoomed through to modern day history, finishing with the flood last year that canceled our annual festival, to the highschool football team winning a state title for the first time in history this past fall!

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