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My Family Introductions: Chase Eugene

I am in some serious denial today. My baby boy is turning seven tomorrow. I have yet to find a way to bottle them up. To freeze time. As I prepare this post I am looking at all of his old pictures and all of his warm soft squishiness comes rushing back. Those deep blue eyes, that bright blonde hair and that sweet smile. At the same time, my mother’s heart is torn as I watch my baby grow into such a young, spirited boy. With his birthday tomorrow, I wanted to share with you and document our youngest son, Chase Eugene. Trust me, he is worth getting to know!

Family Introduction: Chase Eugene |

Chase was born four days late, in typical Fiely child style, on March 24, 2010. For some reason, Erik and I were sure we were having another girl. After Marlee & Milo, it seemed my pregnancy mirrored that of Marlee’s. Even until the end, we had settled on a girl’s name and just had the mind set. Two weeks before he was due, we came across the name Chase and decided that would be the name for a boy, but we figured we wouldn’t need it.

As it turns out, God had other plans for us! And if you have ever met Chase, you know that his name fits him perfect, as last minute as it was! This boy is ornery to say the least. Full of a wild spirit I wish I had some days. He can put a smile on anyone’s face that is for sure! He is light hearted and silly but completely sweet at the same time.

Chase Eugene |

After we had Chase we had our hands full with three babies (in three years!) but man, if there is ever doubt a mother’s heart can’t grow, he is proof. He was my boy! While tending to the baby, Erik played with Marlee and Milo more so my bond with Chase was great! I had more time with him to enjoy him as a baby and I enjoyed each stage he was in!

The years when all three were young are kind of a blur but as Chase grew, so did his bond with his brother! My boys, often mistaken as twins, are thick as thieves. They are only 17 months apart in age and are back to back in school, Milo in 2nd grade and Chase in 1st. I foresee them being great friends, sharing friends and all kinds of memories in the years to come!

Chase Eugene |

One thing that really sticks out in my mind about Chase is when he broke his leg. Obviously there are many reasons why I remember that time (so scary!) but when something like that happens, you learn so much about the person someone is.

The way he handled himself in all of that pain is amazing. He was so patient with his limitations, as he sat on the couch and missed out on school, field trips and birthday parties. He was so brave to go to school in a wheel chair, drawing all of that attention and taking it in stride! (He even needed help in the bathroom because he couldn’t use his leg at all and the cast went from his foot to mid thigh!). When he finally mastered crutches he whipped around the house and the school halls with ease! It was a long, three month recovery and we were just as glad as he was to be totally back to normal and to be able to be himself again! He probably won’t remember much about that time when he gets older but I will never forget!

Chase & Vayda |

More About Chase:

He loves hugs, random hugs at any time of the day. And no, I will never give these up!

He is a bit of a dare devil. He is the first and only one of the kids to have a broken bone, breaking his leg riding his bike.

He has the biggest, ice blue eyes I have ever seen.

He also has the hardest head, and trust me, he has tested that!

He loves playing baseball and football with his brother. Even though they are nearly the same size, he really looks up to him!

His nick name is Chasey-Bear…and he will hate me for that for sure.

He is a Minecraft freak. Building, playing, watching videos, you name it!

His favorite cartoon is Teen Titans Go, but he also likes to watch Andy Griffith with his dad.

He loves fire…which is mildly frightening. He jumps at any chance he gets to help with a campfire, loves tending it, cooking on it, watching it. He’s an outdoorsman!

He is an awesome big brother. Just ask Vayda.

He will never stop eating breakfast, but doesn’t eat much for lunch or dinner.

He is a drinker. Drinks all of the things and fast. Makes me fear those teenage years…he will be a hit at parties I am sure.

Well, that is a (somewhat) brief peek into our Chase. We love him more every day and love watching him grow into such an awesome person. Happy Birthday Chase Eugene!

Chase Eugene |

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