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Vayda’s Classic Minnie 2nd Birthday Party

When Vayda’s second birthday was approaching I knew I wanted to come up with a really fun and cute theme! Marlee had a Minnie Mouse birthday party for her second birthday and Vayda loves Minnie Mouse just the same! To make Vayda’s party stand out from Marlee’s, I went with the Classic Minnie Mouse theme instead of the current popular pink Minnie Mouse from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Continue reading to learn all of the details!

Vayda's Classic Minnie Birthday |

With my simple, classic style, I LOVED the idea of clean black, white and red decorations! Like I mentioned when I spoke about Chase’s Camping Birthday, we don’t do huge parties but I like to have a little fun with the theme. This time was no different!

The Decor

For Vayda’s ‘theme’ table, I mostly used things we had around the house. I have the chalkboard on hand and it works perfect for times like this! We bought Vayda the stuffed Minnie Mouse last year some time. The tin buckets and plant are just items I had around the house!

Vayda's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party |

The Minnie Mouse drawing is something I did special for Vayda. I love drawing but since having the kids, I really haven’t had time to sit down and do it much! (Truth: I started drawing a picture of Marlee when she was 6 months old and I am pretty sure it is still unfinished!) But the Minnie Mouse I drew for Vayda was something quick and simple. I love how it turned out and I love even more seeing the kids’ reactions! I love that I have this special talent to share with my kids. And the best part, now it sits on the shelf in Vayda’s room so she can still see it!

The Invite

I made Vayda a custom invitation for her special party, like I do with all of the kids. This is more of a keepsake for them than a necessity (since we only send out 5!). I had a lot of fun with this one and Vayda loved it!

Classic Minnie Mouse Birthday Invite |

The Cake

For the cake, I wanted to do cupcakes this time. We have had so many birthdays lately, I knew this would be something different! Plus I saw the cute idea for Minnie Mouse cupcakes and that excited me! My mom and I hit up Michael’s Friday morning and I finally picked up an icing gun (I have been wanting one!). Boy is it a life changer! I also picked up these cute red & white polka dot cupcake liners that went perfect with the them. Mini Oreos for the ears and we have a winner! Everyone loved them!

Vayda's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party |

Vayda had so much fun with her family for her birthday. She has a lot of mommy in her (clean & clothes freak!) and was over the moon about her gifts: a Melissa & Doug cleaning kit, a broom and dustpan, a Minnie Mouse toy vacuum and lots of cute outfits! Oh, and we can’t forget the cut battery powered Minnie Mouse ATV we got her. She will be cruising the neighborhood all summer!

I love making memories with the kids and birthday parties are such a great way to do it! Vayda has the last birthday of the season (well, Fiely birthday season!). Next weekend is our final celebration for awhile but it’s a special one none the less…Milo will make his first communion! Stay tuned for details on his big day!

Vaydas Minnie Mouse Birthday |

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