Our Newest Home Renovation: A Garage Addition!

Things have been crazy around here lately! But who am I kidding…things are always crazy! Well, they have been a little crazier than normal because we have officially started planning our next BIG home renovation. A garage addition! And you know, since it is a garage, the ‘man’s’ thing, it has to be the biggest and best!

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I will admit that I am excited for it too. We have never had a garage…or a useful one anyways. The house we bought had a very small, one car garage that isn’t attached. I am not even sure a normal vehicle would fit in it! We use it for storage and that’s about it. We do have a carport attached to our covered porch and it’s nice to atleast have that to park under! It’s a life saver in the rain or when it is icy. Unfortunately, it’s only big enough for one vehicle so Erik has to park on the street. This will be a big step up because it will be ATTACHED!!

Along with the addition of a three car garage we will be adding a huge upper addition that will be living space for the house. We will have enough space for a bonus room for the kids and a fourth bedroom! We are adding some nice square footage to the home and more importantly, some more living space!

Even though we are very much in need of these things and have been talking about it for awhile, it scares the crap out of me at the same time! We are borrowing the money so that will increase our mortage. Nothing we can’t afford, but definitely the opposite way we want to go with it! It’s kind of a big deal!

The other scary part is making the decisions! We know what we want but getting what we want and what makes sense all within budget…that is challenging! Many things have came along that we didn’t plan on, but it makes sense when we are doing the entire project. Replacing windows, updating siding, concrete, etc. I mean, big time stuff!

Right now we are waiting on the appraisal to keep the loan process moving. Then we book the contractors and such and wait for warmer weather! There are going to be so many big changes and I can’t wait for all of our friends, family and neighbors to see!

This renovation has been and will be quite a ride but we are all so excited for it! With lots of patience and lots and lots of prayer, the Fiely’s continue to make their mark on their forever home!

Stay tuned as the progress continues!

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