Meet The Tribe

My family is my pride and joy! They are everything to me and frankly, they are pretty awesome. Allow me to introduce them!


Erik and I met when I was a very young 16. I was working my first job at a local grocery store and I will admit, I was oblivious to his charms! I was so self conscience I didn’t even notice this handsome fellow coming in every day for a case of Dr. Pepper! After a while of persuasion, my total blindness, then my little sister stepping in, we finally met up and the rest is history! First boyfriend, love and I am so glad to say he will be my last!

About Love & Messiness

Erik is an amazing husband and the best father I could ask for. He works full time and is working his way up in the company with lots of hard work! He has recently been elected to a seat on our local Village Council (proud wife moment!) and coaches our sons little league teams. He is a great team member in raising our animals and making our house a home!


Marlee is our first born and the start of it all. She made me a mom and I will always be so grateful for that. I had no idea what my heart was capable of (or my body for that matter!). Marlee is a brilliant young girl and loves being involved in activities like gymnastics, volleyball and softball. She is a budding artist and really enjoys reading. She is a little momma (and of course likes to boss around her brothers because of this!) and was over the moon when we finally had a little sister for her!

About Love & Messiness


Milo, or Mighty Milo as his teammates call him, is our second. This boy is a huge mix of emotions and I love all of them! Having grown up with only one sister I knew nothing about boys. There is just something special about a mom and her son and anyone with a son will totally agree! Milo has a heart of gold and is our most sensitive by far. With this, of course, comes great frustration but we take that in stride. This kids fire shows up on the diamond as he is our baseball fanatic (and a pretty talented one at that!). Give this boy a ball to throw around and he is a happy guy!

About Love & Messiness


My sweet, crazy Chase-y Bear. Our second boy and our spitfire for sure! This boy is all kinds of wild and crazy and definitely a momma’s boy! Chase loves playing with Marlee and Milo. He is a Mindcraft fanatic and loves wrestling with his brother. Our wild child gave us our first big scare and broke his leg late last year. I felt emotions I hadn’t felt before but most of all I felt pride for this little guy’s strength! Chase also enjoys sports and will play T-ball again this spring!

About Love & Messiness


Our first three were bing, bang, boom…all three 18 months apart. Five years later we welcomed the most amazing addition to our family! Little Miss Vayda was born April 2015 and she changed all of our lives forever! Seeing my older three with this baby has been the best experience. Their love for her and hers for them is awe inspiring! Vayda is a sweet, happy little girl who loves graham crackers, her Nuk and blankie, keeping up with her siblings and of course, snuggles with Mommy!

As a family we love playing ball outside, taking walks and visiting family. We make it a point to sit down and eat together every night (even if it is ham sandwiches!), saying our prayers and then talking about our days. I hope we never have to give this up! And one of our favorite traditions is our summertime, backyard campfires. We leave an open invitation to all of our family, friends and neighbors and sit back and enjoy the warmth, company and of course…s’mores!

About Love & Messiness

These beautiful people are the beginning and the end of everything. I hope you learn to love them as much as I do!