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Saving Space: Minimal Toddler Bedroom

Every time I tell people that my toddler sleeps in our closet I get strange looks. I can’t imagine why? Ha! It is true though! She literally sleeps in the closet right off of our bedroom. Now, to clarify…this is a decent sized walk in closet, our second closet that was unused. (All of our clothes are in our other closet!) But, it is a closet none the less. And it works perfectly!

Minimal Toddler Bedroom |


When we added on our master bedroom we included two large walk in closets because you can never go wrong with too much closet space! The one was larger than the other and we kept in mind that we could use it for other things, if needed…like a small office space, a room for the treadmill, something. We just wanted the space available so we made sure to add in outlets and a floor vent for the AC and heat. Little did we know it would work perfect for a nursery turned toddler room!

Saving Space

Living in a smaller, older home with a big family, we have learned to use up our space wisely! We have no desire for a big home, a vast space where everyone can duck away and hide (although there are times I wish this were the case!). We love the closeness a smaller home brings…not to mention the financial security of not having to pay for, clean and upkeep a large home!

With that said, Vayda came around and we were able to turn our closet into the perfect little nursery! Now that she has grown into a toddler (terrible twos anyone?!) she still fits perfectly in the space! After four kids we have learned that less is definitely more. Not only have we learned that but we live by it! She doesn’t need a huge space with a million things. After all, she just sleeps there!

All The Details

Although it is a small space, I still wanted it to have some personality! When we were pregnant, we didn’t find out the sex of the baby (we didn’t with any of ours…I love the surprise!) so I wanted to keep it neutral! The walls were already white (hello, it’s just a closet!) and I kept them that way mostly because it is clean, simple, neutral, and easy for when/if we turn it into something else!

Minimal Toddler Bedroom |

We used the furniture we had from the other kids. A simple white crib and a natural changing table. Gray linens to start and it was perfect! After Vayda was born, I was able to add pops of pink and other colors to make it more her own space. The quilt we have on her crib was hand made by my mother in law for our first daughter. I love pieces with memories! I also love to use useful things for décor. Two birds one stone!

Minimal Toddler Bedroom |

The black and white curtain in the corner was my brainchild and my husband thought I was nuts! The secret is, there is actually a built in gun cabinet behind it! (For the critics: it’s safe, secure, locked up and everything unloaded with ammunition locked in a different part of the house!) I thought a long curtain would be perfect to cover it up, soften the space and break up some of the white walls! I still love it! (and still swoon over that pattern!)

Minimal Toddler Bedroom |

To decorate the walls, I still kept it simple. I found a cute arrow with hooks (although I can’t be certain, I think from Target!) I use it for her little jackets and her bath towel.

On the wall above her changing table, I used two IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges, butted together. The white frames I got at Hobby Lobby and the gold one is from Target. The artwork is all mine so cheap and simple!

I even reused the tutu I purchased off Etsy for Vayda’s first birthday party as a décor that doubles as a hair bow holder!


Storage is key in small spaces! Without a dresser, I used bins under the changing table to store her clothes and just box up or give away the clothes she grows out of. I have the RASKOG cart from IKEA on the side of the table to store the changing essentials: wipes, diapers, lotions, etc. This thing is amazing and we could totally use it for something else once she is potty trained (gulp!). I also have a small basket in the corner for her blankets, extra sheets and some stuffed animals. I have stored clothes in bins under her bed too!

Minimal Toddler Bedroom |

All in all, it isn’t much but it’s perfect. It was great when she was a baby because she was right next to me so that really helped with nursing and such. Now that she is older, we keep the door closed and she sleeps like an angel!

Once we have our large garage addition done, we plan to add a fourth bedroom so she will probably move upstairs with the other kids by the end of the summer. Who knows what her ‘closet bedroom’ will turn into next!

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