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It has been a busy couple of weeks! Sometimes everything can go by so fast and its all a blur! As I sit here tonight alone, Erik is gone and the kids are all in bed, I am running a recap of the last week in my mind. Before I know it another weekend will be in the books and the little moments will be forgotten! Here is a quick recap of some of the moments of the last week!

February Updates |

More Braces

Tuesday we went and finished up getting Marlee’s braces. They added in an expander which will spread apart her teeth in hopes that they will have a little more room to fall into place. Every night for 14 nights I actually have to go in with a little key and turn her expander one notch. I remember having to do this when I was a kid and its crazy to think my daughter is now going through the same thing!

Improvement Updates

On Wednesday we got some great news about our garage addition! We heard back from the bank that we were officially approved to move forward! The papers get signed next week! We felt pretty confident in the entire plan but there is always that anxiety that something could go wrong! Now we are breathing a sigh of relief and starting to get things lined up so we can get a start date!

Weird Weather

We also had some more crazy Ohio weather this week! All winter has been up and down so much! This week was cold, then warm, then really cold and we got about 3″ or so of snow! The kids even got a snow day and a delay day out of it! But by Friday afternoon, it was all melting and this morning it was in the mid 40s and by the afternoon the kids were outside with no coats. Mother Nature has lost her mind!

Blog Updates

Finally, today we had an easy day at home. My sister  brought her kids over this morning to visit and that was great! Then during Vayda’s nap we all watched the movie Trolls for the first time (so cute!!) and then I got some time to so a few updates I have been wanting to do on the blog. Check out the new logo and let me know your thoughts! Ironically I wanted a bit of a cleaner look for my ‘Love & Messiness’ logo…lol!

Day Date

Tomorrow I have set a special date with my boys. We are off to see the new Lego Batman movie after church. They are both so excited and so am I! I always think about spending special girl time with Marlee but I don’t get much time with just the boys. I can’t wait!

Whelp, that rounds up the week! I cannot believe that its the middle of February already! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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