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Celebration! All About Chase’s Camping Themed Birthday Party!

Last weekend we celebrated Chase’s birthday! My youngest son turned 7 and we had a celebration with family and friends. All of our birthday parties are small and nothing extravagant but I like to add a fun theme for them and decorate a little from that!

Chase's 7th Camping Themed Birthday |

The rule in our family has gone, starting on your seventh birthday, you get to invite school friends! (Don’t ask why seven…that was the first year Marlee had friends and we just kind of stuck to that!) Chase was so excited! He ended up having two of his best friends join in the fun and they had a blast!

To prep for the party I got some simple, easy props from Amazon! It was such an easy quick search and I came away with a cardboard campfire, buffalo check fabric, a small lantern, birch paper straws and a woodgrain printed place mat! With these new props (which I spent less than $40!) and things I had around the house, I had a fun little themed table and side table!

Chase's 7th Camping Birthday |

Chase's 7th Camping Birthday |

For the cake I wanted to go with something rustic! I pour lots of love into my cakes. No store or bakery bought cakes here! We decided long ago that the cake doesn’t get much attention and it just get eaten so I have always made my own! I am far from a professional…in fact I feel weird even saying that…ha! I just get a box cake mix and icing and go to town. Some turn out better than others but they all taste great and I have never had anything but compliments! I tried to make Chase’s look like a piece of wood or log. It didn’t turn out like my Pinterest vision but as my grandpa said, “It doesn’t look pretty coming out either!” LOL!

Chase's 7th Camping Birthday |

Another thing I have always done for the kids is make them their own personal invitations. This is from the graphic designer in me! I have so much fun doing it and even though I only send them to about 5 people, I still do it! I have saved each one in their baby books and I hope they look at them years down the road remember the thought momma put into them! Here is what I came up for Chase’s invitation!

Chase's 7th Camping Birthday |


The party went off without a hitch! Everyone came, we enjoyed hotdogs on the grill, macaroni and cheese and corn bread (all requested by the birthday boy!). We ate dinner, enjoyed cake and watched Chase play with his friends and open gifts! (Lots of Nerf guns…what more would a 7-year-old want?!). We were blessed with nice weather so we got to light a campfire for a bit and the kids played outside.

I still can’t believe he is seven but I don’t have much time to dwell on it! This is our crazy month…and by crazy I mean totally bonkers. Erik, Marlee & Vayda all have birthdays and then Easter & Milo’s first communion! And we have something every day in between! This month is going to be a glorious blur of celebration, baseball and church. Bring it on!

As the days fly by though, I try to slow down to reflect on what is happening. Here are some more images of Chase opening gives. I love to capture the joy on his face! I wish I could freeze these moments! Enjoy!

Chase's 7th Camping Birthday |

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